What should you be doing right now?

It is difficult to decide what a an initial blog post should be about. I remember getting diaries as a kid. It seemed like people always thought I needed diaries. What they did not realize is that they were really stressing me the hell out! “Which pen should I write with? What would I write about? What if I made a mistake on those perfectly white pages? Damn it! Why didn’t they just give me a book to read instead? Ooooo! Babysitter’s Club!” 

Access to computers made writing easier for me because nothing is permanent. I can fix my errors with out sloppy cross outs and delete the incriminating evidence. However, putting my writing out for the world to see, that is still a leap of faith. I will be judged for comma splices. Those who were able to pay better attention in high school English than I will notice, and shake a disapproving head when I end sentences with the occasional preposition. Get out your red pens, people. I’m laying it out here (I promise that was an accident!).

Why am I doing this? I admire women who are bold, wry, and transparent about their struggles. I admire Jenny Lawson of The Blogress and Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks  and Epbot for the strength they show in sharing both their joys and struggles and laying out to readers who they really are. I have also been inspired by Vloggers like Bunny from Grav3yardgirl and many others, though I believe that I am a bit too old and dull to start pointing a camera at my face without a professional makeup artist an lighting. I can’t forget that Jen Lancaster, whose memoirs always make me laugh started as a blogger. It seems that it might be time to start this writing thing instead of just thinking about it. After all, if I mess up a page in this diary, I can always delete it.

At this moment, the ink is on the page. The diary is no longer unmarred and perfect but neither is the life. Then again, the perfect empty diary is pretty boring as is the perfect life.




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