“Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…”

Favorite ThingsI do like roses. When someone graces you with a flower name, you kind of have to go with it.I don’t really have a tremendous affection for kitten whiskers, but, each to her own.

One thing that has never been my favorite is today’s holiday. Especially with my current state of mind, I have avoided network television for the past month because I cannot be bombarded with lovey-dovey, diamond-encrusted, perfume-scented, chocolate-coated commercials. I will be very happy to see Easter take over the aisles of Target (they don’t pay me to sponsor them, but I am thinking they should). Even in a lousy state of mind, I wanted to make an attempt at something positive today. So, here we go, here are a a few of my favorite things:

Warm socks and slippers- When my feet get cold, the get so cold. One of the side effects I am experiencing from my ADHD medication is cold hands and feet. It seems that in the afternoon and evening, I am just chilled to the bone. I need my fuzzy slippers.

Baby elephants-  Or really, most large baby animals, but I especially love baby elephants. They make me happy. One of my best days ever was going to the zoo and the baby elephant was trumpeting. Cuteness overload, people! Cuteness overload! Baby giraffes are pretty awesome as well.

Jelly Belly jelly beans- Yup, one day I will be a rich and famous blogger and Jelly Belly will ask me to endorse their product. That will be a red letter day!

New Orleans- I love that city. That place has a magic to it. More than once in my life I have been there when things were low and something about that city makes me right…at least for a little while. Every year my girlfriends and I go there for a long weekend. That weekend is sacred, it is holy. Don’t mess with NOLA weekend, people.

Roses- I do love roses. They are my favorite flower. However, I really don’t like red roses very much. I prefer the other colors— especially yellows, or oranges, or corals. I can’t grow the things to save my life.

Red nail polish- My dad loves the 1939 classic, The Women (I don’t ask questions- the man likes a campy movie). Getting a manicure with Jungle Red nail polish is all the rage and starts quite a the turmoil in the movie. There is something about bright red nails that I just love. I also love red shoes, but that is another story.

Coffee- I come from a coffee family. I think that my blood may be at least 1/4 coffee. I have had to cut back since I started taking ADHD medication (though probably not as much as my doctor would like). I don’t “need” more caffeine throughout the day, but I find myself wishing that I could drink more than I do. Decaf is not an acceptable substitute. Blech!

Pens- This is a bit of a problem. I am always in search of the perfect pen. Also, when I find it, the manufacturer always seems to discontinue it. I am one of the odd people who actually prefers ball point pens to other varieties. I also find black ink highly preferable to blue.

Well, as far as the brown paper packages tied up with string, I guess that Amazon has those covered. Sometimes dogs bite, bees sting, and sometimes life is just plain shitty. I wish that the perfect favorite things could make the “sads” go away. I did find myself going to Target for a new lamp, toothpaste, and deodorant this morning, thinking, “Maybe I will find something that will make me happy.” Yeah, nope*. At least remembering that there are things that make me smile, makes me remember that I will smile.

*I could have bought a huge bag of Jelly Bellys, but I didn’t put it on my list, so I forgot.

What should you be doing right now?







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